Monday, 15 December 2014

Meet Bracken! the Fluffy Black Cat

black cat
Bracken the Black Cat

Bracken the Lucky Black Cat

Hi - I'm Bracken. I think you met my sister Bailey the other day. She's cool but I am HOT. I'm the one with all the hair. I was a bit of punk rocker when I was very small but I turned into a real fuzz-ball, or so my human mum says. I notice she likes to pet me a lot though, especially when I've just been brushed. Come enjoy my photo album.

My Human Slave

Ann is my human mum - she writes a lot and she takes ooddles of photographs. I think she like taking them of us best though because we are her's or maybe because she is our's.
PS she also calls herself Zazzle_Puzz - for obvious, jealous reasons

Where did I come from?

me and Bailey with Mum
From my cat mummy's tummy of course. We had a bit of a struggle I must admit and cat mum had to have an operation, but Bailey and I are here to tell the tale.
My human mum was looking after my cat mum when we came along. And she fell in love with us sooo much she couldn't part with us when the time came to find us new homes. Well, she did actually let the lady from the Cat Protection collect us, but she was crying. I don't think we could have reached the end of the village before she was phoning Cath to say she wanted to adopt us. Lucky us.
black cat

How did I get called Bracken?

I'm named after a mole. I know, not very dignified but my human mum thought we looked like moles when we were born and she had heard about a famous mole called Bracken in Duncton Wood - so if the other Bracken was famous and everything I suppose that is okay isn't it?
I don't like outside much

My likes and dislikes

Halloween in our house
Mu human mum calls me retriever cat cos I like to chase crumbled up balls of paper and bring them back for her to throw. She says she's only ever seen dogs do that, but she has a very sheltered life.
I like stalking spiders too and I'm quite good at it if I do say so myself.
I'm not fond of the outside really, I much prefer staying at home. But I have been known to go as far as the edge of the patio and into the tiny back garden but Human Mum needs to leave the door open so I can get back inside quick if I need to.
I like to watch the birds on the bird table outside. I can chitter away at them for hours.
I like books too and sometimes I watch the TV if there is anything interesting on.
I don't much like getting brushed. Well with all this fur, it pulls. You wouldn't like it either. Mind you I'm not that fond of the hair balls so maybe I'll just let her brush me without whinging.
I like scratching the post my human mum has set our for us cos she shouts if I scratch the couch.

What Mum Likes Best

My Tail!
fluffy black cat
fluffy black cat

My Photo Gallery

black kitten
Early Punk - Me at about 10 days old

fluffy black cat
My bowl is empty
fluffy black cat
I sleep a lot
fluffy black cat
"What? I was sleeping!"

fluffy black cat

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  1. Love Bracken! Adorable. I can see how you fell in love with these two cats.Very impressed Bracken, that you retrieve and you are welcome here anytime to stalk spiders!